Cockapoo - Louie

Hi Janice and Wayne,

Just wanted to send you a Halloween picture of my puppy Louie! I bought him from you about a year ago! It’s fun to see how much he has grown! Lots of personality. He is definitely a ton of work, but is also the best thing that’s eer happened to me!

Hope all is well with both of you! 😀


Cockapoo - Prince

Hi Janice,

We named our dog Prince. He has been a joy as the new addition to our family. I took him to the vet today to get his shot. He took a walk around the block and played with the boys this afternoon. All tuckered out tonight!


Cockapoo - Bradley

This is our cockapoo Bradley! He’s going to be a year old already on August 1st. We are very impressed with how easy it was to train and the behavior of our dog! We are so glad we could find such an amazing breeder! We couldn’t ask for a better dog! He is so well behaved that we didn’t ever have to take him to training classes! Thank you for such a wonderful dog!
The Smits family,
Jessica, Kaylee, and Mason

Cockapoo - Ivy

This is Ivy almost one year after we brought her home from you. She is an awesome dog and everyone loves her. She should be a dog model. She is so adorable.

Thanks again!

Hussey family
Oconomowoc WI

Cockapoo - Macie

We are coming up on two years having Macie …March 23 Macie is the sweetest dog …everyone that sees her wants to take her home …she potty trained really fast and just the best personality she kisses everyone and loves to play fetch and knows many tricks ..very smart dog and so cute

Cockapoo - Levi


We just wanted to give you an update on our cock-a-poo that we got from you in May 2015.  Levi turned a year old today, and he has been the best dog we could have asked for.  He has been so well behaved from Day #1 and so smart to train.  He was house-trained within 1 week!  He has grown to 28 lbs. and has become an affectionate lap dog.  We are so happy with our cock-a-poo!

Chris and Jessica

Cockapoo - Oscar

Hi Janice and Wayne,
Our Oscar is really coming along well.  We will be celebrating his 1st birthday soon and just wanted you to know the following:
We walk on the south pier – Sheboygan all summer and fall last year and people constantly stop to pet Oscar and the average person says:  He is so cute and his color is beautiful.  I noticed an old friend walking on the pier and smiled and thought – guess she didn’t recognize me.  One day I stopped her and said HI!  She said, Oh my God Susie, your the one with the dog we like.  Too funny.  We also retired last year and travel with our RV and get those same kind of comments.
When we lost our Buff colored Bosco we were so sad and I emailed you to see if you have another one in a dark color born in February like Bosco and we were SOLD.
We love our Oscar so much.
Harold and Susie

Cockapoo - Driver

Dear Janice,
I’ve been meaning to check in for so long now.  I wanted to share a few photos of this little guy!  He just turned 1 this week!!!!  He has been a great little guy for our family!  He has a little learning to do yet, is very protective of me (will be hard to date…lol…cuz he doesn’t seem to like guys) and is super smart.  I bell trained him for potty, he does sit, lay, shake hands and a high five…we are struggling with the roll over and heeling during walks though.  He thinks every dog and cat should be his friend!!!!
He is overall very healthy…..with the exception of a lump that the vet says poodles are prone to getting….he loves playing with kids and with his toys.
Thanks for such a great dog!
Happy 4th of July!
Kerri & Driver

Cockapoo - Sammy

Thank you again for the wonderful and intelligent dog. Sammy just celebrated a year with us in August. Everyone in the neighborhood knows him and comments on how cute and lovable he is. We really can’t image what our family world be like without him.

Love, the Lella Family

Cockapoo - Sam

Here’s the dog we bought from you he turned a year August 20. His name is Sam he is so smart, our second one from you we are so pleased with him , thank you so mutch we love our Sam .
Debbie and Robert