Goldendoodle - Jenna

Hi Janice,
It has been three years since we brought our beautiful puppy home. We changed her name to Jenna and she is the main attraction wherever we go. We love her so much and she has so much personality. Thought we would share some of our recent favorite pics.
Thank you so much for blessing us with such a beautiful friend.


Hi Janice,
This is Mary Oliver. Thought I would send you an updated picture of Jenna now 8 months old. She has grown in so many ways since we picked her up at 8 weeks! She is settling down puppywise from those early days. She was potty trained in the first week so needless to say she is incredibly smart. So full of personality. We absolutely love her. She is smart and sweet. She has these huge paws that occasionally find there way to my counter top scanning for goodies 🙂 A little puppy mischief but overall wants to please. Loves to cuddle in the morning and plays, plays, plays the rest of the day. Hardly sheds and is so soft!!!! We took her on a trip to Colorado and she did great on the 16 hour drive. I can go on and on… So happy. We may consider adding another to our family once she gets a little older. Right now we want to keep her all to ourself…
Warm Regards, Mary

Goldendoodle - Clark

Clark was born on August 31, 2006 and we picked  him up at Woodville Kennels in November. I remember how we decided Clark was the right dog for us. He picked me out and it worked out perfectly. What a great dog. He was so friendly with everybody and turned out to be such a handsome dog. Like the rest of golden doodle owners, everybody would stop me when I was walking him wanting to know what kind of dog he was. He could run like a thoroughbred race horse, so smooth and a picture to watch. And his ball was his constant companion. Golden doodles are known for being service dogs. Clark wasn’t trained to be a service dog, but all owners of golden doodles and other breeds know how they are service dogs to all of us and our families. They bring so much goodness to our lives. They play with us, celebrate with us, and comfort us. What a great dog he was. He passed at 10 and 1/2 years. If you are looking for a dog, get a golden doodle.  You will never be disappointed. Time for another one and it will come from Woodville kennels. Great people there and they have been breeding golden doodles for many years.

Goldendoodle - Alfie & Scruff

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I thought I’d send along some pics of our sweet guys! They are now just the best of buddies (and we think Alfie is going to be huge, as he was 2/3 of Scruff’s size at 4 months)!
Thank you breeding such wondeful pups. We’ve been passing your name along like crazy!

Goldendoodle - Ozzie

Hello from Ozzie!

Celebrating his 12th birthday today with a pupcake.  Still going strong! Still the best boy ever.

Many thanks for raising beautiful, wonderful goldendoodles!


Goldendoodle - Bella

Wayne and Janice,

Our beloved Goldendoodle “Bella” born November 2001 just turned 15! We brought her home from Woodville in January 2002. Your poodle and golden parents sure had great genes! She is doing well and in good health.

Mike and Heather
Plymouth, MN

Goldendoodle - Lucy

We got our beautiful girl from you thirteen years ago last April. She is still going strong, and still a traffic stopper. I am serious! People stop dead in traffic saying,” What kind of dog is that, and That is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen!”I tell her I wish I had fur to cover my wrinkles!We will continue loving and caring for her for as long as she is comfortable and then allow her to leave us.  When that time comes, we will want a puppy. I can’t imagine life without a Doodle!

Goldendoodle - Charlee


Good morning Wayne and Janice-

I wanted to take a moment and send you pictures of Charlee (Cheri).  She’s been such a blessing to us and is such a sweet loving girl! She’s already gotten through 10 day puppy training and has made tremendous gains in her behavior.  She has done wonderfully from day 1 in her crate and is almost potty trained.

I will send you more updates as time goes on.  We are so happy with our ‘new addition’-the boys and I are crazy about her!

All the best,