Havaton - Ozzy

Just wanted to let you know we are celebrating our Ozzy’s 2nd birthday today !! We love him so so much !! Thank you Mueller’s!

Havaton - Fred


Today our little Fred (Havaton) is 2 years old.  He came home with us October 1, 2014, and he had no trouble settling in.  He has made our family complete and is just a tiny bit spoiled.

We just wanted to share his picture and thank you!

Dan, Sally and Samantha

Havaton - Spice

Hi Janice and Wayne,
Just a quick update…. Spice is doing really well.  She’s learning her “pack manners” very quickly, and picks up cues from our labradoodle.  They aren’t exactly BEST friends yet, but they interacting more and more.  They were chasing each other around the yard playfully the other day.  When the labradoodles had enough, she’ll emit a short growl (no snapping), and Spice knows that’s enough and backs off.  Although I give Pepper the labradoodle some extra attention during this transition, I also remind her  who the pack leader is…. ME.  I think transition time is confusing  for a dog when a new pup is introduced.  I think Spice knows who leader is already.
Spice HAS become best buddies with our one eyed cat, Max.  It’s just so comical watching those two play (he’s declawed of course….).
Spice was too little for our doggie door, and it is nice there is someone home practically every minute of the day to take her outside.  I was at Petco getting some toys last week, and spied a plastic ramp (I think intended for pick up beds) on clearance.  So I picked that up, put it on some bricks on the step, and now she can go in and out as she pleases.  She’s just about house broke (I think we’ve only had 2 issues in the house since we got her, and that was our fault).  She was used to having us go out with her, but now is learning she can go out on her own.  If I see her sniffing around the floor, I usually remind her “outside”, and usually the labradoodle will head out, with Spice right behind.  So it’s almost there!  I praise her a lot when I see her potty outside too.  I think that helps.
For a person that has had lots of dogs, Spice appears to me to be very smart.  REALLY catches on quickly to everything.  She knows “No” already.  I’ve noticed too, I haven’t had to go through that little stage where they like to nibble your fingers… they start out biting a little too hard because they really don’t know they are biting too hard, and they need to be trained on that.  You must have socialized her well.
I will send you some pictures and update again when she’s around 6 months.
Thanks so much.  She is a perfect little addition to our “pack”.