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The Welsh Terrier breed originally came from Wales and was known as the Old English Terrier or Black-and-Tan Wire Haired Terrier.   They were a sporting dog that was used for hunting otter, fox and badger.  We've raised the Welsh Terrier breed for over 25 years.
We have Russian and Irish imported bloodlines.  This is a medium size breed that is sturdy, compact and rugged with a coarse wire-textured coat-generally black and tan, however, sometimes they're grizzle (grayish mixture). They have a short, soft undercoat.  Males are 15 to 15 1/2" at the shoulders and about 22 to 25 lbs. and females are a proportionally smaller in size.   They're a very active, energetic, outgoing and fun loving type of dog that is never shy.   Taking them to obedience classes if you've never owned a terrier before and keeping them well socialized with people, children and other pets will be very helpful to you.  They can live to be 15 years of age if they are healthy and had been well cared for over the years.

All of our parent dogs are up-to-date on their vaccinations and they're given a yearly health exam by our veterinarian to help ensure that there are no health problems.

Our puppies/dogs are kept in a specially built nursery which is heated/air conditioned and humidity controlled to be kept at 70 degrees year-round.  We recommend feeding a height quality dog food to keep your dog healthy and the coat looking good.  After the puppies have had their first vaccination, ensuring they will grow strong and develop a healthy immune system, people are welcome to visit them.  When our Welsh Terriers are ready to go, they have been veterinarian checked, up-to-date on their shots, dewormed, dewclaws removed, tails docked and we give a written health guarantee for 2 years for any hereditary or congenital diseases.  By this time, the puppies have been socialized with us, our children and grandchildren and spent time in our indoor or outdoor runs, depending on the weather.

Available Pups

Name: Angel
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 9 2 2017
Date Ready: 11 2 2017

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